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Pick Of The Week
Hatchet 3
Airing Thursday 25 December 2014 @ 00:45
Horror Of Frankenstein
Airing Monday 22 December 2014 @ 22:45
Blue Steel
Airing Sunday 21 December 2014 @ 02:35
Cabin Fever
Airing Wednesday 24 December 2014 @ 22:55
Editor's Highlight
Classic Shocker: Twisted Nerve
Sunday 21st December @ 22:55

Hayley Mills, Hywel Bennett and Billie Whitelaw star in the classic shocker Twisted Nerve at 10.55pm. Troubled Martin is mollycoddled by his mother and creates a six-year-old alter ego, Georgie. But when Georgie is shunned, Martin violently snaps!

Upcoming Movies On Horror
Primal Force

Airing Sunday 21 December 2014 @ 15:35
Lovely Molly

Airing Sunday 21 December 2014 @ 21:00
Twisted Nerve

Airing Sunday 21 December 2014 @ 22:55
The Devil's Business

Airing Monday 22 December 2014 @ 01:10
Latest Article
Cronenberg’s The Fly Continues With All-New Comic Book Sequel From IDW
Posted in: News, Wednesday 17th Dec 2014

The FlyThe story that began in David Cronenberg's film update of The Fly continues here with a five-issue miniseries The Fly: Outbreak written by Brandon Seifert (Hellraiser, Witch Doctor) with painted interior and cover art by menton3 (Silent Hill, Monocyte). Issue one will hit in March and will boast variant covers by Jason Edmiston and Lukas Ketner.

Years ago, a scientist had a horrific accident when he tried to use his newly invented teleportation device and became a human/fly hybrid. Now his almost-human son continues to search for a cure for the mutated genes. But a breakthrough turns into a breakout, and anyone exposed risks turning into a monster as well...

"To be totally honest, The Fly is one of the most disturbing things I've ever seen!" ... »

Tonight At Prime Time On The Horror Channel
Lovely Molly (15)
Tonight on the Horror Channel @ 21:00

Horror from the director of The Blair Witch Project. Newlywed Molly moves into her deceased father's home and while her truck driver husband is away she is haunted by memories of the past.
Latest Review
Posted in: Reviews, Wednesday 17th Dec 2014

SoulmateSoulmate - DVD Review

SODA Pictures

Certificate 15

Extras: Commentary by Axelle Carolyn and Neil Marshall, FrightFest interviews with Axelle Carolyn, Neil Marshall and Anna Walton, Two short films by Axelle Carolyn, The Last Post and The Halloween Kid

This debut movie from the multi-talented Axelle Carolyn has to be one of the most inspired first features I’ve seen in the last few years. A ghost story with heart, the film is a strong contender for the most atmospheric movie of the year.

After suffering a personal tragedy, Audrey (Anna Walton) retreats to an isolated country cottage to hide from the world. But as terrifying visions begin to haunt every corner, she soon finds out that she is not alone. As Audrey seeks to unlock the mystery surrounding the home ... »

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