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Thursday 11 February @ 2:45
The Collector
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Cyborg 2
Saturday 13 February @ 0:35
Seeds Of Destruction
Wednesday 10 February @ 13:00
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Interview With Anthony DiBlasi Director Of Cassadaga And Last Shift
Posted in: Interviews, Sunday 7th Feb 2016

Anthony DiBlasi SmallAnthony DiBlasi is a truly talented director whose work is appreciated all over the globe and is really making a name for his himself. One of his best, Cassadaga is showing tonight on Horror and his latest, Last Shift has just been released onto DVD. We decided to chat with this fine fellow about his work and how he created what is being billed as one of the best horror movies of 2016.

HC: Hi Anthony, last time we chatted was at FrightFest about your fantastic slasher, Most Likely To Die, were you pleased with the reaction it got?

AD: I was, I think it played pretty well. I was curious if fans would embrace that style of slasher again, and I was really interested in how people wo ... »


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Tuesday 9 February 2016 @ 21:00
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Tuesday 9 February 2016 @ 22:45
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Wednesday 10 February 2016 @ 0:30
Dear Mr Gacy

Tuesday 9 February 2016 @ 2:25
Emily Booth's Blog
Booth's Blog: It’s All About Girls, Ghouls And Gore In February!
By Emily Booth, Friday 29th Jan 2016

Emily Booth Green Dress SmallAs some of you may know February marks the annual Women In Horror Month celebration spawned by Hannah Neurotica and her blog Ax Wound. For those who don’t know this is largely an American / Canadian affair but of course now the world is an online one anyone can get involved either directly by submitting their own female-inspired event or by simply having a look to see what events are being run all across the globe using the WIHM website.

For years women have of course been heavily involved in and influenced by the genre and I would say, looking at current festival and audience figures, the notion horror movies are targeted at teenage boys and their lusty urges is pretty much a thing of the past. Horror has grown up and is now one of the m ... »


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The Hike
Tonight on the Horror Channel @ 22:45
Woodland-based survival scares. When Kate returns from war and embarks on a camping break with her friends, her skills in battle are called upon in a way she never imagined. (2011)
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Blood Moon - DVD Review
Posted in: Reviews, Tuesday 13th Oct 2015

Blood MoonBlood Moon - DVD Review


Certificate 15

There seems to be a bit of a rush of werewolf movies at the moment which is a good thing as I like these creature features no matter how predictable they can be. But what’s this? A werewolf movie set in the Wild West but shot in the UK? Surely this can’t work… can it?

Colorado – 1887. A stagecoach full of passengers is held hostage by two outlaws on the run from the law. But events take an unexpected turn when the group fall prey to a mythical creature known to locals as a skin walker to others a werewolf. They must settle their differences and combine their strengths if they’re going survive the night of a blood red moon.

Brimming with invention and smart direction from Jeremy Wooding, Blood Moon»


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