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Bring Out Your Dead! New Issue of Stardburst Info
Posted in: News, Thursday 18th Sep 2014

Newstand-405Starburst celebrates the return of The Walking Dead to the telebox with a host of features with a decidedly undead feel. Inside you can learn about (almost) everything about the upcoming Season Five of AMC/FOX’s smash hit series, as well as looking back at the history of zombies with the mammoth Z-List, a Top 50 countdown of best zombie films from the history of cinema, as voted for by the Starburst writers.

They also look at the history of zombies in comic books, as well as looking ahead to what rotten corpses are due to shamble across our screens.

Game Of Thrones scribe George R.R. Martin fills readers in on his long and varied career and Alexandre Aja talks the upcoming film Horns.

To celebrate the Blu-ray release of Killer Klowns From Outer Space, there's a ... »

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Doctor Who: Planet Of The Spiders
Tonight on the Horror Channel @ 20:25

Classic British sci-fi adventure starring Jon Pertwee. The Doctor is convinced to face his fear and return the crystal to the Great One - but first he must evade Barnes and his men. Part 6/6.
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Posted in: Reviews, Thursday 18th Sep 2014

SoulmateSoulmate - DVD Review

SODA Pictures

Certificate 15

Extras: Commentary by Axelle Carolyn and Neil Marshall, FrightFest interviews with Axelle Carolyn, Neil Marshall and Anna Walton, Two short films by Axelle Carolyn, The Last Post and The Halloween Kid

This debut movie from the multi-talented Axelle Carolyn has to be one of the most inspired first features I’ve seen in the last few years. A ghost story with heart, the film is a strong contender for the most atmospheric movie of the year.

After suffering a personal tragedy, Audrey (Anna Walton) retreats to an isolated country cottage to hide from the world. But as terrifying visions begin to haunt every corner, she soon finds out that she is not alone. As Audrey seeks to unlock the mystery surrounding the home ... »

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